Daily Mantra

Ayurvedo Amrtaanam
Through Ayurveda we reach toward immortality.

Jyotisha: Vedic Astrology

Kerry Shamblin

Jyotish (pronounced "joe-teesh") is an ancient system of astrology rooted in the wisdom of the Vedas. Practiced continually for thousands of years in India, this "science of light" is a karmic science that is used to reveal our gifts, strengths, difficulties and obstacles in life. Jyotish is used along with Ayurveda and Yoga to help us understand ourselves such that we can make life choices that support our health, well-being and spiritual growth.

Kerry has been a student of Vedic sciences and culture since 1992. Beginning with an intensive foundational course taught by Yogacharya Dharmananda at his ashram in India, she continually pursues a deeper understanding of Vedic philosophy, yoga, mantra and Ayurveda while focusing on the lifelong study and practice of jyotish, Vedic astrology. She is a certified professional member of the Council for Vedic Astrology and continues her jyotish education under the teaching of Andrew Foss. Her delight is to join with other practitioners, teachers and clients in order to bring the various branches of Vedic wisdom to bear in helping people create health, joy and peace in their lives.

The consultations are geared toward helping you to create a balanced and joyful life and will work with the other services that we offer such as ayurvedic therapies, nutrition, yoga and meditation. You can learn more about jyotish and the services Kerry offers by visiting her web site, www.planetaryinfluence.com.