Daily Mantra

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam
The whole world is one single family


Testimonial for Santosha Spa because of the amazing staff.

• Santosha Spa opened the doors and my heart to embrace what Santosha does for us. My first yoga classes were with Founder/Owner Clara. I was amazed at the gentleness combined with the expertise and the strength (presented in such an inclusive way) for us by meeting us where we were. In other words I’ve gone to a few other yoga studios and never felt like I belonged because of my ‘new guy’ status. Clara and the other attendees were so inviting and welcoming that it felt like ‘the place’ to learn yoga.

 The other staff I’ve had the honor of partnering with are Cresta, Jill, Mary and Kate. In addition to the yoga classes and private lessons are other services. The one I did was the 4-hand massage…heaven-on-earth.

 Because of the embracing culture of Santosha Spa the attendees/members are always friendly and welcoming. It feels safe and like a healthy family.

One of the most profound experiences at Santosha was the initial replenish yoga class I took with Kate. My doc, Jackie, strongly recommended I do the replenish yoga until I got over being sick. At the end of my first session with Kate we did the pose where I was completely supported by blocks, blankets, cushions and in a position on my back with everything including legs, arms, back, and my head totally supported.

The melodious music that was played along with the guidance and wisdom of Kate’s words took me to a place I’ve never been before. I’ve spent years meditating, being present and always working on having a holistically healthy life. I was so amazed by the sense of complete peacefulness that lasted 24-hours. When I told my son John about this experience he said, “Kate nurtured you dad. You nurture so many people that you need to be nurtured.” Wow, my son is now my teacher.

Being a member of the Santosha Spa is a life changing experience. To NOT visit Santosha is an act of self-robbery, in my opinion.

 With much respect, love and gratitude,

 ~ Bill Corbett

I went to Stacie's restorative yoga class, not too sure what to expect. I left after the class, feeling a bit disappointed as it was so low key I didn't think I had gotten much benefit out of it. After being back home about 1/2 hour, it dawned on me that the chronic and intense pain I'd had in my left shoulder blade for months was gone! I went to bed feeling awesome. Awoke in the night, bracing myself for the pain I was accustomed to feeling when I turned. There was none! I've tried massage, acupuncture, and various forms of exercise over the past 6 months, trying to alleviate the pain. I am thrilled with the results of this very simple and relaxing form of yoga!

~ Susan



I love the atmosphereand the staff here. The warm floor is wonderful,whether at night for restorative yoga or first thing in the morning when it's cold out! The 1.5 hour long classes are perfect for really getting into your practice, and they focus on the individualand their overall health. The center does Ayurvedic medicine and Yoga, and it creates a a nice union of the two (which are naturally intertwined), and gives you the opportunity to focus on Yoga not as an exercise, but as a way to better health and well being. My first experiencethere was amazing, which is why I have continued to go back for my personal practice as well as my professional practice.

 ~ Kate Field



 I just had a divine Abhyanga Ayurvedic Spa Treatment at Santosha Spa that I highly recommend --

Abhyanga ~ (ah-bee-yun-guh) warm, therapeutic oil is applied over the entire body followed by a specific sequence of strokes according to the flow of energy in all parts of the body.  Endowed with detoxifying, nourishing, toning and calming effects, Abhyanga is much more than an oil massage.  This treatment encourages removal of toxins on a deep cellular level, stimulates lymphatic tissue and creates a feeling of contentment and balance as well as supports tissue growth for an overall healing experience.  It can be done with one therapist, or for the ultimate experience, with two therapists working in synchronicity. It is often the precursor of other Ayurvedic treatments.

I chose the two-hand and it was pure magic – I can only imagine the four-hand, which I hear is choreographed in perfect synchronicity. Give yourself a treat sometime and indulge in this very amazing treatment!

~ Pam Sutton



I loved my treatment today! The ISUN products are amazing. I feel like my body, mind, heart and soul were wrapped up in a warm blanket. Leaving my appointment today, I felt refreshed, restored and grounded. It was just what my nervous system needed!!! Thank you Clara!

~ Carrie Martello


This week I received the Royal Abhyanga treatment.Not only was the treatment amazing but Santosha Spa Wellness Center is an incrediblespace, warm and inviting. I was immediately comfortable and had confidencein the knowledge and experienceof each staff member I met. I had been feeling sluggish for a few days, not sleeping well, and a tad moody. the day following my treatment,I had renewed energy, I had slept deeply through the night and found myself in a much better mood. The rest of my week was fun and productive! I just had to share my wonderful experienceand new-found love of this ancient practice!

 ~ Mary Tigerwright


Just the thing for a peaceful and rejuvenating experience. Feel great and Balance your body!
Awesome practitioners, calming environment....
Did you ever think something that feels so good can also be good for you?? ;-)

 ~ Corinna Kromer ♥